Income and Financial Inclusion

It’s our job to collect income; this includes rent, service and tenancy charges.

Paying your rent is easy with My Account. Click here to view your rent statement, pay your rent quickly and safely, report a repair and get in touch.

If you are experiencing money troubles, don't suffer in silence. Our friendly Money Advice Team are here to help.  Contact us today or click here to find out more.

Birmingham City Council Customer Service Centre appointments - There are BCC verification centres for Housing Benefit / council support proofs, for more information, please click here:

The cost of calling the Department of Works and Pension (DWP) offices has fallen!

As of 5th May 2015 the 0845 enquiry line numbers were shut down. This is to reduce call costs for customers.

Calls to the new 0345 numbers cost no more than a standard call in the UK and count towards any free or inclusive minutes in landline or mobile phone contracts.

Please note the new contact numbers below:

Service Line Old number New number
Primary Benefit 0845 608 8545 0345 608 8545
Job Centre Enquiry Line 0845 604 3719 0345 604 3719
Personal Independence Payment Help Line 0845 850 3322 0345 850 3322
State Pension and Pension Credit Enquiries 0845 606 0265 0345 606 0265
DLA Helpline 0845 712 3456 0345 712 3456
Social Fund Enquiries 0845 603 6967 0345 603 6967
Carers Allowance 0845 608 4321 0345 608 4321
National Insurance Number Allocation Line 0845 600 0643 0345 600 0643
State Pension Forecasting 0845 300 0168 0345 300 0168
International Pensions Centre 0845 601 0008 0345 601 0008
DM Recovery Service Line 0845 850 0293 0345 605 6055
Attendance Allowance Helpline 0845 605 6055 0345 605 6055
Jobseeker Direct 0845 606 0234 0345 606 0234
Maternity Allowance Eqnuiry Line 0845 608 8610 0345 608 8610

Rent arrears

If you do not pay your rent, you run the risk of losing your home. You could be taken to court and face aditional court fees of up to £360 which would be added to your rent arrears.

We know that there are lots of reasons why customers fall into arrears, so that is why we are here to help you deal with your financial problems. If you are having difficulties paying your rent it is very important that you contact us today.

TOP TIP! Rent is charged every Monday - why not get into the habit of paying it the same time every week.

Remember - If you go away on holiday always pay your rent in advance before you go.

If you pay your rent monthly, you should pay in advance and not in arrears.

To find out what could happen if you do not pay your rent, click here.